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    Every city has its fair share of assigned stereotypes and the capital is no exception. It rains all the time and London is small, right? Not quite.  London is a world in itself. Not everything people believe about it is true and not all that is true is known. Here are the top myths that people believe about London which are in fact either not true or not valid anymore.


    London, United Kingdom

    It Rains All the Time

    This is of course the biggest myth about London.  It doesn’t rains buckets all the time but yes, it can rain anytime. The sun shines and five minutes later, there are a few showers. So, rather than complaining about it, accept the fact that it happens and deal with it.  If it’s in the weather forecast, carry an umbrella with you.

    Londoners are a Rude Lot

    Londoners, in general, are not an impolite lot. But there are things that annoy Brits. How would you feel bumping into a clueless tourist on a tube station? Or when tourists stand in the left side of the escalator which is the passing lane or when you see a tourist in the jam-packed tube car with a huge bag? That’s how Londoners feel.  If you travel smart and don’t expect to kick off a conversation with everyone you see, you won’t have any issues at all. Consider the fact that it is an entire city living their usual busy life, so don’t take ignoring the tourists as rudeness.

    All London Hotels Are Crap

    Hospitality industry is developing day by day and there are plenty of high style/low price hotels popping up in London. All you need to do is know where to look. Websites like Londonhotels4u should be able to steer you away from such crap hotels. And, consider the fact that it’s not the hotel you’re going to spend your whole time but you should be out exploring the best bits of the city.

    You Have to Ride Tube Everywhere

    No doubt, tube is one of the most used, convenient, and budget friendly option to travel around the city. But that doesn’t mean you have to take the tube everywhere. In fact, many tourist sites are located pretty close to each other so you can cover the distance with a short stroll. You don’t need to ride tube everywhere.

    Londoners Have a Cockney Accent

    It’s is said that if you can understand a conversation between two Londoners, you have really achieved something. However, that doesn’t mean that everybody here uses a cockney accent. London is a melting pot of cultures with more than around 250 languages being spoken over here. It’s a cosmopolitan housing Brits from all over UK, so you’ll find a lot of variety in accents. Never try to imitate a cockney rhyming slang or people will think you’re an idiot.

    Contrary to what many people believe, London is a quite tourist friendly city. Plan your next holiday to the capital city and have a great time experiencing it.

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