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    London is without doubt one of the world’s greatest cities. With a population of over 8.3 million (2012), the city is quintessentially metropolitan with a multitude of cultures living together. It is a wonderful place to visit for many reasons. Architecturally it has some of the most austere and imposing structures owing to its rich royal heritage and also boasts more modern futuristic landmarks.

    Culturally, of course the city benefits from its Royal connections; with some of the most extensive art and historic collections in the world. The Royal history connected with London is most evident with the Headquarters of the British Monarch residing in the wonderful structure that is Buckingham Palace.

    London today is a business hub; the city is a place where many have come to work and build their fortune. Transport in and around the city is world class. Heathrow Airport is the busiest airport in the world and the city is serviced by other airport hubs in its environs. The main metropolitan area is served by the world famous London Underground also known as the ‘Tube’ which has a network of tunnels under the city to provide a reliable service for commuters.

    The city’s landmarks are often best seen from a distance in order to appreciate their vastness. Take a trip in a car to take in the awe-inspiring skyline or to gaze at the London Eye or to get the thrill of driving over London Bridge.

    This infographic below charts all that should be seen in London and includes some interesting facts about this amazing city that has to be experienced in one’s lifetime.

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    London Infographic

    London Infographic

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