• Ways to Keep Costs Down on Holiday

    Posted on January 23, 2014 by in United Kingdom


    If you’re not careful of your spending while on holiday, it is easy for a cheap family break to turn into a mounting bill that you are still paying for long after you have returned home. With a few nifty tricks for staying frugal abroad, you can ensure that the cost of your holiday won’t spiral out of control. So if you’re looking for cheap summer holidays and fancy a little bit of sun without the financial headache, this article has you covered!

    Change Currency Before You Leave

    If you are travelling to a country which requires you pay in a different currency, be sure to get your cash exchanged before you head off. Banks tend to offer good rates of exchange, but you can be sure to get the most out of your money by checking on an online comparison website. The worst thing to do is exchange currency at an airport, where rates skyrocket and you will get ripped off. Another error is to spend on credit or debit cards while you are abroad, as a foreign exchange fee is usually loaded on to any withdrawals and you will arrive home to quite a shock on your bank statement.



    Research Free Activities

    Buy a cheap guidebook of your destination, or even better, research it for free online. Most destinations around the world offer free attractions that can keep the whole family occupied while on holiday without costing you a penny. The beach is a fun and obvious option as days can be spent by the water swimming, building sand castles, sun bathing or playing sports, and you never need to spend a thing. Many cities have museums or art galleries that ask for no admission fee on certain days of the week, or have specials on during quiet times like a Friday night. Find out if there are any parks, picnic areas, hiking trails or old ruins nearby that you can visit without spending any money.

    Book Sensibly

    You know that sort of holiday that will be enjoyed by your family, so factor this into the equation when booking your accommodation. If your family like to explore the local area or spend time browsing shops, then book a villa within walking distance of a bustling town or shopping district. If you make the mistake of booking a secluded villa with no nearby attractions, you will be blowing your spending money on taxis. Alternatively, if you are looking for a peaceful break with no interruptions, booking a villa that is slightly out of the way could offer big savings in accommodation costs. If your family prefers to lounge by the pool and take part in organised sports or crafts, book yourself into a large resort where all of these activities will be included and you don’t have to pay extra to visit a waterpark or a tennis club. If you have a family with a good appetite, it could also be a good idea for your budget to book into an all-inclusive resort. With all of the food and drinks included and already paid for, you can be certain that you won’t rack up a hefty food bill, while still enjoying all of the culinary delights on offer.

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