• Travelling With Your Bicycle

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    Whether going oversees on a business trip or heading to an international bike race, knowing how to transport your bike is crucial, especially if you want your bike to make it through airport security without being crushed or broken to bits, as is likely to happen with anything going through airport security these days. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, there are various options for bike transport, each with varying degrees of safety and convenience.

    Travelling with Your Bicycle

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    For the thrifty (dare I say it?) cheapskate, the most inexpensive case to travel with is a standard cardboard bike box, which can be obtained from virtually any bike shop free of charge. Although this option is affordable for anyone, you will need to be extra careful to ensure that your bike is padded well, and packing time will take a lot longer.

    For someone looking to spend a little more money, hard and soft cases come in various shapes, sizes, and prices, with some being very durable and safe, but cumbersome, while others will require much less time to pack up the bike, but may not have the support you are looking for. When selecting a case, you should consider all aspects of your bike, budget, and travel (such as if you will be travelling mostly by car, train, or airplane). Finding the proper case may take some time and trial and error, but it is certainly important to help reduce the stress of travelling abroad with your bike.

    Another way to reduce the stress of travelling with a bike in transit is to take the time necessary to disassemble the bike properly, which will minimize the risk of any important parts of the equipment getting bent or broken. First, remove the front wheel, reinserting the axle to protect the forks. Next, remove any parts of the bike that can stick out or get easily bent or broken, which includes the pedals, rear derailleur, and handlebars.

    The more you travel with your bike the easier and less stressful it will become. Transporting and travelling with your bike is an art form in and of itself and should not be taken lightly. With experience comes expediency, and as you develop your own packing technique and discover what cases work best, you will find you have no trouble getting your bike to the foothills of Nepal, the highlands of Scotland, or across the canals of Amsterdam. Once you have mastered bike transit, there is no place on Earth you can’t bike to! This content was written by Al Fresco Holidays specialist family holiday providers..

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