Oceania is a huge, capriciously distinct expanse of the earth where the Pacific Ocean – rather than land boundaries – attaches the countries. It is home to glistening white beaches, coconut palms swaying in the breeze, beautiful coral reefs, and rugged volcanic islands rising out of the blue ocean. Its diverse nations have some of the world’s most international cities, and some of its most remote villages.



Oceania was initially visualized as the lands of the Pacific Ocean, extending as of the Straits of Malacca to the coastline of the Americas. It includes four provinces: Polynesia, Micronesia, Malaysia, and Melanesia. These are parts of three biological continents, Eurasia, Australia, and Zealandia, as well the non-continental volcanic islets of the Philippines, Wallacea, and the open Pacific. Oceania is a middle area on the islands of the hot Pacific Ocean. Judgments of what compose Oceania variety since the coral atolls and volcanic islands of the South Pacific to the whole inward-looking area involving Asia and the Americas.

Australia and New Zealand are both earlier British colonies. Once it was envisaged that the two colonies would turn out to be a single country. Different islands have been taken over by Britain, Portugal, Germany, France, Australia and the United States.

This has had a control on the characteristics of culture. A lot of areas speak both a native language, along with the language of the majestic control, frequently assimilation in exciting blends. In addition, it has an influence on the food and architecture. The chief religion in Oceania is Christianity. Traditional religious convictions are habitually animist and prevailing in the middle of traditional tribes is the faith in evil spirits, which are responsible for “poisoning” populace, causing disaster and death. In latest Australian and New Zealand censuses, large extent of the inhabitants speak they fit into “No religion”. It comprises Humanism, Atheism, Agnosticism, and Rationalism. In Tonga, each day life is significantly inclined by Polynesian traditions and particularly by the Christian faith.

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