Africa has fifty four independent states. The majority on any continent and is the second biggest continent in provisions of both land region and population. Africa is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, by the Red Sea to the northeast, and by the Indian Ocean to the southeast. Africa is a vast continent spanning over 8,000 kms north-south and 7,500 kms east-west and includes a wide range of peoples, skin colors, religions, and cultures. Africa contains the world’s longest river i.e. Nile River consecutively from Burundi to Egypt. The Congo River in the DRC is the second largest in circumstances of exclusion as well as the cordial.



Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro is the world’s tallest unattached. Djibouti’s Lake Assal is the second lowest spot on Earth, the saltiest lake external Antarctica, and one of the hottest spaces on Earth. While the first movement the majority of populace relates with Africa is safaris, there are never-ending potential for exploration. You can obtain crafts in markets, business enterprises into the Sahara by means of a Tuareg caravan, visit pygmy villages, hike all the way through jungle to watch gorillas, relax on steamy islands in the Indian Ocean, snack on unusual treats, travel downhill a river in a hollow “pirogue”, travel across savanna on a colonial-era railway, and to a great extent.

Africa is a very assorted continent, with every country, or even every region of a kingdom having its own unique culture. While it is ordinary for people in the West to pass on to Africa as if it was a sole country, one should keep in mind the sheer size of the continent, and that Africa is not one country but 54 diverse countries, meaning that it is impossible to make generalizations of Africa as a whole.

Unfortunately get the wrong idea by a lot of people as a terrain of scarcity, bribery, battle and famine, and simply as a land of affliction. A delusion only bolstered by the media and the numerous NGOs on the continent. Africa at present is an enormous continent with many active metropolises, responsive people, and astoundingly diverse and attractive landscapes. Although there are plenty of places similar to the formulaic Africa of war, famine, and poverty, much of the continent is peaceful, well-fed, and of operational class.

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